Agile + DevOps East 2022 Concurrent Session : Keeping it Lightweight: Scaling Agile the Easy Way

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Keeping it Lightweight: Scaling Agile the Easy Way

Far too many scaling concepts require tremendous overhead and turn into something more lightweight than their original intention out of necessity. How can we keep from having to go backwards in out scaling and maintain a lightweight approach from the start? Using [email protected] as the initial framework, many organizations can simply keep their known structures while enjoying increased collaboration and speed to decision-making. As part of this session, attendees will enjoy hearing about how they can start out a scaled Agile approach the easy way while also taking a potentially bulky approach already underway and making it more lightweight and valuable. We will learn about how the typical Agile roles scale, what common job titles generally align well to those roles, how best to succeed as they scale and how to know when it's becoming too cumbersome.


Robert Woods
Scrum Inc

Robert Woods is an agile community leader, requested industry speaker, published author, and mentor with a proven history of facilitating enterprise transformation while helping create and provide catered training and coaching for organizations consisting of culturally, generationally, and geographically diverse backgrounds. He's the creator of the CLEAR (Collaborative-Lean-Evolving-Adaptive-Reportable) principles for framework-agnostic scaling agility and portfolio management. His specialties include holistic enterprise agile, business agility, enterprise agile leadership, organizational transformation, design thinking, systems thinking, hypothesis, and peer, behavioral, and test-driven development techniques. He is passionate about agile leadership; mentoring team facilitators, servant leaders, and engaged and empowered product champions; and helping enterprises transform their culture into one exhibiting true adaptive business and IT alignment.