Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Suzette Johnson

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Suzette Johnson

Enterprise Lean-Agile Lead

Dr. Suzette Johnson works for Northrop Grumman Corporation near Baltimore, Maryland. As an NG Fellow, she leads Northrop Grumman’s Lean-Agile Transformation and Center of Excellence. Her initial experience with Agile-related practices began nearly 20 years ago with product development for a commercial company focused on financial and enterprise management systems. Over the past fifteen years she has supported over 100 NG internal, Federal, and DoD programs supporting their transition and maturation of Agile principles and development practices. She has trained/coached over 4,000 individuals on agile practices. Recent published papers include co-authoring: Industrial DevOps Defined (2018), Applied Industrial DevOps (2019) and Industrial DevOps 2.0 (2020). She received a Doctorate of Management at the University of Maryland with a dissertation focused on investigating the impact of leadership styles on software project outcomes in traditional and agile engineering environments.