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Ori Keren


My first experience programming was in Basic. In 1987 I was in 5th grade. My parents bought me a Sinclair Spectrum ZX with 48k RAM. I vividly remember the day I got that machine. A few months later I saw that my friend’s older brother had the same computer. He was typing in commands using a language called Basic. He built these funny little programs that did arbitrary things like guess the number or play basic music using the ‘beep’ command. To me this might as well have been magic. My friend's brother was a powerful sorcerer. At that moment, a fire lit inside of me. And it never went away. I got my first developer job in 2000 and eventually became VP of Engineering. Then, two years ago, I started LinearB with my friend Dan Lines. As CEO I don’t get to write as much code as I used to. But I do love helping other dev leaders translate engineering activity to business success through data and metrics.