Agile + DevOps East - Conference Speaker: Jeff LaFavors

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Jeff LaFavors

Managing Partner
ClearlyAgile LLC

Jeff LaFavors is a Partner at ClearlyAgile bringing over a decade of experience in enterprise-level solution architecture to the team. He provides expertise in Cloud migration, as well as Software & Database Architecture. Originally from Michigan, Jeff moved to Tampa in 2005, and has worked with technology in industries such as Retail, Real Estate, Health Care, and most recently Oil & Gas. His initiative, work ethic and talent served him well as the 4th member of an Oil & Gas software start-up that sold in the millions. Jeff enjoys learning and experimenting with new technologies, as well as solving complex problems. His leadership skills, professional expertise, and team building talents make Jeff an exceptional and valued asset to the team. As a managing partner for ClearlyAgile, Jeff leads the DevOps initiatives in a variety of domains, from start-ups to global powerhouses.