Agile + DevOps East 2020 Industry Presentation : Design + Engineering: Telling a product story through an agile process

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Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 3:45pm to 4:45pm

Design + Engineering: Telling a product story through an agile process

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Imagine that you have two deeply rooted, well-established teams in your organization — design and engineering. Collectively, they consist of highly skilled practitioners who are capable of solving your organization's greatest challenges. However, to accomplish this, they must be able to effectively collaborate on various projects and present their results to key stakeholders. So how do you bring these teams together and enable them to communicate the data from complex projects in a way makes it actionable and easy for stakeholders to digest? Join Kanika Rehani as she explains how organizations can blur the roles of designers and engineers, allowing them to gather the right answers and draw patterns together. Kanika shares tips and tricks that can help agile teams reduce a lot of the noise in their data, and extract the necessary information to tell their product's quality story. Come and learn how to build a strong heterogeneous team foundation based on a combination of solid design and engineering practices.

Learn to:

  • Build a strong heterogeneous design and engineer team foundation 
  • Gather the right answers and draw patterns together 
  • Collectively extract key data insights and communicate the product's quality story together
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Kanika Rehani

Kanika Rehani is a Principal Designer at An SVA alumni, she previously held a lead design role at Hearst, Inc.’s Emerging Tech team (focusing on Voice AI for Amazon Alexa apps). Kanika also drove design for BranchOut, Oyster, CondéNast Portfolio, NYMag, She has a design background in multimodal ecosystems such as voice, mobile, desktop, and kiosks.