Agile + DevOps East 2020 DevSecOps Summit Session - The Science of Compliance - Early Code to Secure Your Node | TechWell

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 1:45pm to 2:30pm

The Science of Compliance - Early Code to Secure Your Node

We all know that the earlier in the software development process, you start testing, the more money and time you save in the long run. This is the case not only with the coding process, but also with securing your systems. In this talk, we’ll talk about the difference between compliance and security, and how adding compliance is a measurable and repeatable way to make code more secure. We will discuss tools and methodologies for integrating compliance and inserting compliance checking at various places in the development process, starting with a compliant infrastructure, and continuing through code, test, and development systems. We’ll discuss how to insert compliance checks in various places in the CI process including code, unit testing, and integration testing, even after your code is deployed. To make the talk more palatable, the process of integrating (also known as “baking in”) compliance to your DevOps process is compared to the trials and tribulations of baking a cake. We’ll tie these concepts in with the DevOps culture of collaboration, communication, and retrospection. Hopefully, you will be left with an understanding of the importance of compliance and its role in all aspects of your DevOps (DevSecOps) process.

Judy Johnson
Onyx Point

Judy Johnson has been a software engineer for over thirty-five years and has been at Onyx Point since 2015. She has also functioned as a System Engineer, Project Manager, ScrumMaster, and a record store clerk. She was lucky enough to have started programming in the 19XXes when her Dad brought home a PDP-8 - she eventually progressed from paper-tape and punched cards to “more modern” computing systems. When not at work, Judy can be found baking yummy treats for family, friends, and coworkers; attending hockey games and rock concerts (hopefully again soon); or trying to finish a good book. Judy also loves to volunteer, especially in events that promote diversity in technology. Proof of her dedication to this cause is the fact that both of her awesome daughters are engineers.