Agile + DevOps East 2020 Concurrent Session : Continuous Security at the Speed of DevOps

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Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 1:15pm to 2:15pm

Continuous Security at the Speed of DevOps

How does best-in-breed security at the speed and performance of DevOps looks like? How can the DevOps team stops advanced threats from laterally moving, communicating with your apps, or talking out (command and control, exfiltration)? How can you do it in a way that all apps and workloads are covered? How should you think about cross-team sharing? How about workflows for automation and policy creation? This session will cover how leading companies are integrating security into the software delivery cycle and delivering software on the planet-scale. This should also help enterprises that are stuck in the middle of CAMS (culture, automation, measurement, and, sharing) scale by helping them understand how to automate, measure and share better.

Araali Networks

Abhishek Singh has over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. He was previously the Co-Founder/VP Engineering at Tetration Analytics (Cisco) where he led the initial team to build and scale a datacenter-scale platform to enable micro-segmentation and security in a Virtual Machine environment. Prior to Tetration, he held engineering leadership positions at Aruba, Cisco and Ericsson. Abhishek has a Bachelor’s in Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and a Masters’s degree from John Hopkins University (both in Computer Science).