Agile + DevOps East 2020 Concurrent Session : 17 Metrics to Accelerate Delivery Without Damaging Culture

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm

17 Metrics to Accelerate Delivery Without Damaging Culture

Some engineering managers confuse using data to make better decisions with using data to monitor and stack rank individual developers. I call this the "data-driven trap". Stack ranking is a culture killer but unfortunately lots of great dev leads with good intentions fall into this trap. It is possible to run a highly data-driven engineering organization without measuring a single individual performance statistic. We do it on my team today. In this session I share 17 team-based metrics we use to accelerate delivery, remove process friction and maintain positive team culture. Plus I explain how I discovered which metrics work for my team's specific goals, how I use data to translate engineering work to our executive team and how we cut our Cycle Time by 38% by embedding data into our day-to-day practices. I've written down my entire runbook and I'll be sharing the document with every attendee.

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Ariel Illouz

20+ years building software, 10+ years leading dev teams, 5 start-ups, 3 daughters... he doesn't look old enough for any of it! Ask Ariel Illouz what gets him out of bed every morning and he'll give you a long list: his family, working alongside his team, watching customers use his products for the first time and, last but not least, building cool shit. "I like the dynamic start-up atmosphere. It's amazing to see your ideas and effort get out to the world in real-time." For the past few years, Ariel has been obsessed with what it means to be data-driven. "Dev teams have an incredible amount of data about their applications but we have very little data about how we work together internally. I think we're missing an opportunity. That's why I joined LinearB." At LinearB, Ariel and his crew are building a new kind of collaboration home for dev teams. "After planning ends and building begins, dev teams need a lot of information in real-time to keep up with all the decisions being made every hour. The truth lies somewhere between Git, Jira and Slack. We tap into that truth to help dev teams continuously improve."