Agile + DevOps East 2019 Tutorial: Tools, Tips, and Tricks for DevOps Leaders

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Tools, Tips, and Tricks for DevOps Leaders

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DevOps requires people to adopt new ways of working, often necessitating a change in culture and climate, and therefore also in behaviors. This workshop is for people who are planning to be or are already actively involved in driving DevOps evolution in their own organization or organizations they consult for. You will learn about the role of leaders in DevOps, what it means to be a transformational leader, and how to coach people to learn new concepts, behaviors, methodologies, models, and frameworks. We will look at value streams, product-centric working models, target operating models, and organizational design, and take a deep dive into the psychology and neuroscience of change that will better equip you to make DevOps evolution happen. Come ready to get busy with exercises and discussion, to stretch your learning muscles, and to put new tools to the test.

Helen J Beal

Helen Beal helps people practice DevOps principles in real-world organizations for Ranger4. She describes herself as a “DevOpsologist,” as her main role in her working life is to study the inputs and outputs of the thinking systems that make up DevOps and what value outcomes they deliver that we can measure. Helen is also a product owner and member of the Board of Regents at the DevOps Institute and a DevOps editor for InfoQ. Outside of DevOps, she is an ecologist and novelist. She once saw a flamingo lay an egg and has a particular fondness for llamas.