Agile + DevOps East 2019 Industry Presentation : Global Agility: How a remote-only workforce stays agile

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Global Agility: How a remote-only workforce stays agile

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Transparency is vital to an all-remote company (900+ employees) and contributes heavily to healthy collaboration at a company where no one works in a physical office. In this digital age of remote work, building out a successful, iterative process that leads to a culture that embraces diversity and provides a universal platform for all to contribute. Agile has been precedent in technical roles but this expands how the business side (Marketing, HR, Sales) also embraces being agile as they look to stay inline with the product side.

Tye Davis


Tye Davis is an evangelist and Technical Marketing Engineer at GitLab. Tye’s background is rooted in agile and DevOps transformation with over 10 years of experience. With roles as a Solution Architect, Product Marketing, and Product Management, he has worked closely with many Fortune 500 companies as they move towards becoming more agile and implementing DevOps best practices.