Agile + DevOps East 2019 Concurrent Session : Wabi-Sabi Your DevSecOps

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 10:30am to 11:30am

Wabi-Sabi Your DevSecOps

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The ability of DevSecOps to produce secure code requires the merging of two very different cultures: AppSec and DevOps. While AppSec lives in a black-and-white world of secure or not secure that would cause “Hello World” to take six months to release, DevOps knows that the reality of software development is actually shades of gray, especially as demands are increasingly placed on development teams to produce more, faster. Brittany Greenfield will teach you how to apply the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which accepts imperfections in the things that we create, to DevSecOps, allowing you to assimilate AppSec into the development lifecycle without having to sacrifice speed for security. You will understand how to map application security processes into development pipelines by providing business context to security controls, and you'll learn that the two do not have to be mutually exclusive, but rather can coexist to reduce project uncertainty, risk, and time to market.

Brittany Greenfield
Wabbi Inc

An MIT MBA and Duke undergrad with more than a decade of experience as a strategy leader for enterprise technology companies, Brittany combined her passions for business process innovation that she gained while at companies such as NetSuite and Kronos with infrastructure technologies, which she got from Cisco and Cybereason, to found Wabbi. Understanding as the functional units increasingly become responsible for the security of their own business, she sees the need to be able to assimilate and simplify the complexity of security into the daily processes of developers.