Agile + DevOps East 2019 Concurrent Session : DevOps without Measurement Is a Fail

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Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

DevOps without Measurement Is a Fail

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The primary goal of DevOps is to provide velocity and quality through improved collaboration. However, without a tailored measurement framework to direct efforts to the problems that matter to the customer and the business, these goals are meaningless. DevOps teams must outline relevant KPIs to measure the impact of their efforts. While keeping the end goal of a DevOps transformation in mind, it’s important to have a canonical source for the relevant metrics that is visible and understandable to all stakeholders. Focusing on success metrics empowers organizations to determine if the changes they’re making have a meaningful impact. With the right data in hand, teams are in a stronger position to leverage insights from ongoing experiments, share successes that everyone can see, and course-correct quickly when certain deployments or initiatives don’t provide the intended benefits. Tori Wieldt will walk you through a practical framework for implementing measurement and tracking for your DevOps efforts so you can provide teams with data that they can efficiently act on.

Tori Wieldt
New Relic

Tori Wieldt is a developer evangelist and senior solutions marketing manager at New Relic. She previously served as a developer advocate where she was responsible for empowering and educating New Relic users. She is a regular contributor to the New Relic blog and participates in New Relic User Groups and events. She has been in the tech world for over 15 years, in roles ranging from systems administrator to tech writer and marketer. Prior to New Relic, Tori was the community manager for the Java developer community at Oracle, a tech writer for developer tools at Sun Microsystems, and a sysadmin for AT&T. She aspires to be data-driven in all aspects of her life.