Agile + DevOps East 2019 Concurrent Session : Agile and DevOps Transformation in the Telecom Industry

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Thursday, November 7, 2019 - 4:45pm to 5:45pm

Agile and DevOps Transformation in the Telecom Industry

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The telecom industry changes rapidly, the competition is fierce, and user experience is the utmost priority. In today's world of digitization and data personalization, effective use of agility and DevOps is the key behind ensuring customer satisfaction. Flawless delivery, optimized time to market, and enhanced customer usability form the backbone of IT to ensure the success of frontline teams in the business. The methodologies adopted in product and feature delivery, the agility adopted in delivering offers and promotions to the customer base, and the steps adopted in ensuring complete customer satisfaction speak volumes about the benefits reaped from the transformation. Transformation is not limited to tools and technology; above all, it is a mindset and philosophy change of the people associated with the transformation, and only they can truly ensure the success of the journey. The destination is important, but the journey itself should be a huge positive experience for the people involved.

Nilanjana Banerjee

Nilanjana Banerjee has sixteen years of diverse experience in managing and delivering complex IT multitiered and geographically diverse projects for telecom, financial, airlines, real estate, retail, and customers. She started her career as a quality engineer at Cognizant Technology Solutions and evolved with quality engineering, agile and DevOps over the course of her career. Nilanjana is currently managing a large team of over 125 members at T-Mobile, delivering various products and features in the telecom billing system and implementing quality engineering and DevOps practices in the same space. She has extensive experience in agile and digital transformation in multiple industry spaces and has coached several teams in transformation concepts.