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Exploring Usability Testing

Effective Techniques for Integrating Usability into Development and Test

Learn how to integrate usability testing into your software development lifecycle model in this one-day course. Review real-world examples from agile and traditional lifecycle models, and learn techniques such as story boarding and task analysis.

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  • Design, implement, and run usability tests as features are implemented
  • Find important usability bugs without complex process
  • Integrate usability testing into your software development lifecycle model
  • Review real-world examples from agile and traditional lifecycle models
  • Learn several low tech and high value usability testing approaches
  • Analytic approaches
  • Some quick and dirty methods

Dealing with User Experiences
If is not enough to confirm software conforms to requirements and passes established acceptance tests.  Successful software projects engage, entertain, and support the users' experience.  The goals vary from project to project, but no matter how robust and reliable your software is, if the user community does not embrace it business can slip out of your hands.

  • Learn how to elicit real usability requirements from users.  Techniques such as story boarding and task analysis enable teams to identify system attributes and quality factors, enabling users to gracefully solve their problems with the software you are designing.
  • Testing professionals, programmers, and users collaborate to blend the requirement, design, and test cycles into a tight feedback loop.
  • Learn how to identify a small subset of functionality to test with a small selection of users to get high value at low costs.
  • Usability testers can take advantage of naïve questions from novice users as well as the tunnel vision and bias of domain experts.

This course shares examples of usability testing for a variety of technologies including mobile and web based products.

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Course Outline

Introduction Philosophy and History of Usability Testing
Exploring Usability Requirements and Goals
Business, Technical, Organizational, and Cultural Usability Factors
Focusing on What Matters
Chartering Usability Tests
Exploratory Testing

Interpreting Test Results
Learning About Usability During Beta and Pilot Tests
Quick Usability Tests
Tools for Usability Testing
System Design for Usability
Some Common Usability Bugs


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