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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 10:00am to 11:00am

The Power of an Agile Mindset

Linda Rising, co-author of Fearless Change and the recently published More Fearless Change, has wondered for some time whether much of Agile's success has been the result of the placebo effect—that is, good things happened because we believed they would. The placebo effect is a startling reminder of the power our minds have over our perceived reality. Now cognitive scientists tell us that this is only a small part of what our minds can do. Research has identified what she likes to call “an agile mindset”—an attitude that equates failure and problems with opportunities for learning, a belief that we can all improve over time, and the view that our abilities are not fixed but evolve with effort. What's surprising about this research is the impact an agile mindset has on creativity and innovation, estimation, and collaboration—in and out of the workplace. Join Linda to discover what's known about the agile mindset and take away practical suggestions that can help you and your team become even more agile—and fearless.

Linda Rising
Independent Consultant

Linda Rising is an internationally-known presenter on topics of agile development, patterns, retrospectives, the change process, and the connection between the latest neuroscience and software development. An independent consultant from Tennessee, Linda ( has a background in university teaching and work in industries of telecommunications, avionics, and strategic weapons systems. She has authored numerous articles and published several books: Design Patterns in Communications, The Pattern Almanac 2000, A Patterns Handbook, Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas (with coauthor Mary Lynn Manns), and her latest More Fearless Change (also with coauthor Mary Lynn Manns).