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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

White Box Testing: It’s Not Just for Developers Any More

Software development has improved dramatically over the past several years due in part to techniques, approaches, and development environments that take advantage of the power of modern computing machines. Software testing techniques have, by comparison, lagged. As projects and teams become more agile, the lines between the roles blur. Testers cannot remain uninformed about the underlying code and technologies that power the products they test. Join Robert Vanderwall as he shows how to take a deeper look at the code, using test-driven development (TDD) tests as a roadmap. Robert outlines and demonstrates the TDD approach, discusses benefits that teams have experienced, and looks at ways the tests can provide insight for testers, BAs, and others. He describes the tester’s role in white box testing and explains how testers add value by being active participants in low level testing. Robert provides advice for staying relevant in the face of the changing and merging testing and development roles on agile teams.

Robert Vanderwall
Ultimate Software

As a test architect at Ultimate Software, Robert Vanderwall provides guidance, training, and techniques to engineers performing testing activities. Prior to joining Ultimate Software, Robert was a hardware engineer, a software programmer, a software test engineer, and an educator. He has worked on projects ranging from tiny embedded systems to web scale applications. In addition to many years of experience in industry, Robert holds a Ph.D. in computer science, specializing in software testing.