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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Which Agile Scaling Framework Is Best?

Choice can be a wonderful thing—when you’re buying a car and research abounds to help you decide. But when selecting the best agile scaling framework for your organization, choice can be downright intimidating and costly. SAFe, Scrum of Scrums, DAD, LeSS, or SSwS? There is a lot at stake. With many scaling frameworks to choose from, you’re probably questioning what each brings to the table. How can we assess which will result in the best outcome? What selection criteria should we use? Join Tom Weinberger as he shares expert insights, comparing and contrasting the capabilities of the most popular scaling frameworks and their evolution. Tom discusses the benefits and challenges of adopting and transforming using a scaled framework. He examines the training and vendor support available from both process and tool vendors to assist in the transformation. Tom brings practical advice about “hybrid” frameworks, helping you assess their benefits when one specific model doesn’t fit all your needs. Armed with this knowledge, you as transformation leaders can reduce the stress and costs involved in choosing the best framework for your organization.

Tom Weinberger
Blue Agility, LLC

Tom Weinberger is a change agent wherever he goes. In his role as agile coach at Blue Agility, Tom brings more than eighteen years of experience as a process and tools transformation architect, and eighteen additional years in many other IT roles from programming to general management. Tom excels at defining strategic adoption plans and leading transformation teams on both the business and technology sides of large corporations—in highly competitive, time critical software environments. Through mentoring and coaching at all levels, he helps optimize the adoption of agile methods, practices, and collaborative lifecycle tools. Tom is a Vietnam veteran who raises a domesticated wolf-breed dog.