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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Use Feature Flags for Clean Deployments

Software teams want to move faster and deliver features to end users sooner. Continuous delivery and DevOps promise to deploy quickly. However, pushing faster and deploying more often increase the risk of breaking—and subsequent downtime. Edith Harbaugh finds that a feature flagging system of gating features—and being able to quickly turn them on or off—enables development teams to ship more frequently. With feature flags, engineering changes are pushed live to production “off” and then turned on for different users. Feature flags allow developers to separate deployment from rollout, enabling the ability to quickly throttle features for different user segments. Feature flags are used by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon to reduce risk, increase time to market, and delight end users. Learn how your developers, product managers, and testers can use feature flags for opt-in early access, private beta, canary launches, and dark releases.

Edith Harbaugh

CEO and cofounder of LaunchDarkly Edith Harbaugh has more than fifteen years of experience in software engineering with both consumer and enterprise startups. Previously, she scaled TripIt to 10 million users. Edith was product manager at Vignette, a global content management company, which powered NASA, Volkswagen, and She co-hosts To Be Continuous (@continuouscast), a podcast on software trends. Edith holds two patents in deployment between QA, staging, and production.