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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Team Leadership Is Like Big Band Drumming

Sometimes we get a little stuck. It does happen. Work is at the same place, with the same people, and the same problems. The fresh perspective we seek is overcome by everyday demands and eludes us once again. John Ryskowski says that one path to a fresh perspective is to experience something that is totally unrelated, but at the same time reveals parallels to your situation. Do you know the drummer of a big band can actually guide the band, instill a sense of confidence, and inspire musicians to play as never before while adhering to the written music? Through subtle and timely cues, the drummer can ensure cohesive creativity throughout the band, maintaining the right amount of structure. Interestingly, the strategy for big band drumming parallels the skills needed for effective team leadership. John reveals the strategy for successful big band drumming, breaking it down one element at a time and discussing the similarities to team leadership. Of course, band stories and a drumming demonstration are included.

John Ryskowski
JFR Consulting

John Ryskowski enjoys working through social entanglements that keep organizations from achieving their business objectives and realizing their vision. His latest publication explains how L-3 National Security Solutions created a small and powerful business capture organization, demonstrating positive results in their first three years. John has studied drum set for more than thirty-five years and played with the Dorsey band, Big J McNeely, and others. His current studies are Afro-Cuban rhythms and New Orleans second line drumming. John has finally combined these two passions into a series of leadership talks from the drum set.