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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Scaling Scrum with Scrum™ (SSwS): A Universal Framework

Scrum is a simple framework allowing a single team, working from a single backlog, to maximize the value it delivers to its stakeholders. Unfortunately, your organization probably has more than one team and more than one backlog—but you still need to maximize the value to your stakeholders. You need Scrum, but how do you scale it for your organization? Dan Rawsthorne proposes Scale Scrum with Scrum™; tie your organization’s development scrum teams together with Leadership Teams and Coordination Teams. These are scrum teams that assure that each development team has a backlog, that the backlogs as a whole maximize value to the stakeholders, and that cross-cutting issues are dealt with quickly and appropriately. Simply put, these two-team patterns make sure that the right people are having the right conversations at the right time. People keep rediscovering these patterns in many different situations. Most common scaling frameworks use them—either knowingly or unknowingly—and lock them into particular configurations while adding unnecessary process baggage.

Dan Rawsthorne
3Back, LLC

Chief scientist and senior agility instructor at 3Back, LLC, Dan Rawsthorne, PhD/PMP/CST, has been doing agility continuously since 1983. Dan has extensive knowledge of agile software processes, procedures, and techniques. Introduced to eXtreme Programming by Kent Beck in 1995 and to Scrum by Linda Rising soon after, Dan made it his mission to change the world through their use. He did his first scaled agile project in 1998 and has helped many organizations scale since then. Dan helped develop the PMI’s PMI-ACP certification, co-authored (with Doug Shimp) Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals, and is currently writing a book on Scaling Scrum with Scrum™.