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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Managing a Software Engineering Team

You’re a senior engineer who decides to switch to management for experience in leading a team. How is your work going to change? What challenges are you going to face? How are you going to keep up with new technologies? Are people reporting to you going to see you as a leader and follow you? Sebastiano Armeli asked himself all these questions when he became a manager. See what he found it and learn how you can bring this information into your work. While management varies greatly by organization, Sebastiano explores leadership and management behaviors you can apply at your company. At Spotify, people who directly manage engineers are called chapter leads. Learn what they do on a daily basis and which tools they use within their teams. Discuss the fundamental concepts of leadership vs. management, servant leadership, continuous improvement, iterative development, simplicity, and transparency. Hear Sebastiano’s story and personal experience with the beliefs and practices that engineering managers adopt at Spotify and take back new management and leadership ideas to apply at home.

Sebastiano Armeli

An engineering manager for the monetization department at Spotify in New York, Sebastiano Armeli helps his team follow best practices and strive toward defined standards. Sebastiano leads his team to deliver high quality ad products within the Spotify clients. Throughout his career he has developed and designed applications using different programming languages, but he is most passionate about web applications. Sebastiano focuses on constantly improving team engagement and maintaining agile practices through the development cycle. He is a frequent conference speaker and author of the eBook MVC Applies to JavaScript.