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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Don’t Make These Scrum Mistakes

Scrum is a project management framework and does not specify a set of how-tos or checklists that some other development processes define. Since Scrum can be implemented in various ways, it is easy—and often common—to misinterpret Scrum’s guidelines and make mistakes while implementing it. A new team, in their eagerness to “go agile” and adopt Scrum, often succumb to common pitfalls. Being aware of these mistakes is the first step toward avoiding or resolving them. Sumedha Ganjoo discusses and shares examples of some common mistakes that she notices new teams making. Examples include shared and unclear Scrum roles, excessive estimation, accumulating technical debt, failing to capture non-functional requirements including quality, and not having an effective retrospective. Scrum offers the opportunity to incorporate feedback iteratively, and watching out for these mistakes enables us to deal with them sooner. Learn about these mistakes, review your processes, and determine if you can improve the way your team does Scrum.

Sumedha Ganjoo
National Instruments

A certified ScrumMaster at National Instruments, Sumedha Ganjoo manages multiple software projects in the Ops team that services a very large global software development team. She was one of the people pioneering adoption of Scrum in her current Ops team. Sumedha has worked as a software engineer and project manager in various waterfall and agile projects including open-source and university research projects, customer-facing, as well as internal industry projects. In all her projects she has always been keen on driving and learning more about process improvements. Sumedha is very passionate about promoting better communication inside and outside of work, and she is an accomplished Toastmaster.