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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Architecture vs. Design in Agile: What’s the Right Answer?

Is architecture the same as preliminary design in agile? It shouldn't be. Do we create architecture up front, then do iterative development after the architecture is done? That is edging back toward waterfall. Can you explain the purpose of the architecture in just two or three statements? Anthony Crain says that when he asks that question, he gets either verbose answers or blank stares. So Anthony shares an elegantly simple two bullet explanation of what an architecture does. Explore the models architects and designers should produce and learn why these models are so important to keep separate. Understand why it is vital to separate functional from nonfunctional requirements and how this affects architecture, design, and even code and test. Explore what a conceptual architectural model should look like vs. a physical one, and for the conceptual design model vs. a physical one—and the timing of all four models. Finally, examine the impact of iterative development on architecture.

Anthony Crain
Blue Agility, LLC

Since 1999 Anthony Crain has lead enterprise organizational change initiatives for IBM and now for Blue Agility. He is known for his outstanding mentoring and teaching abilities, clearly explaining the practical side to theoretical concepts in an exciting and actionable manner. A dynamic speaker who energizes his audience, Anthony has introduced thousands of people to agile, portfolio management, requirements, architecture, and numerous other engineering topics. He has led transformations in diverse industries including commercial banking, software development, automotive, healthcare, finance, government, retail, automated controls, manufacturing, power, telecom, and home mortgage.