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Mark Hashimoto

Mark Hashimoto

Mark Hashimoto started his software development career in the 1990s as a test engineer at Sun Microsystems during the dot-com boom. Before joining Comcast, Mark worked ten years as a server side engineer at Plaxo (social networking), Juniper Networks (security routing), and Sun Microsystems (high availability clustering). He is currently working on Comcast’s Internet of Things initiative, mentors college students and new managers, and is a member of National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communication (NAMIC). His management philosophy is Do the right thing for your fellow team members. Mark enjoys international backpacking with his wife and two young sons.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 2:45pm
Improving the Process
Comcast XFINITY Home: An Agile Case Study

Today's mobile application development is a complex endeavor made more difficult by teams often working at cross purposes. Separation of roles and responsibilities leads to intricate technological and personnel dependencies that makes projects challenging. Mark Hashimoto shares personal insights and lessons learned during the agile development effort of Comcast XFINITY Home iOS and Android mobile apps. Mark suggests that defining system interfaces first allows client, server, and test teams to develop in parallel; limiting mobile UX reviews to objective matters rather than subjective opinions builds trust and respect; creating binary acceptance criteria removes sprint completion ambiguity; and adhering to disciplined meeting goals reduces wasted time. However, not all lessons learned were of a technical or procedural nature. Mark describes the human dynamics involved and the most common frustrations facing your team—too many meetings, rework caused by ambiguous mobile requirements, missed deadlines, and problems that arise from a lack of time.