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Jay Packlick

Jay Packlick
Improving Enterprises

A principal consultant with Improving Enterprises, Jay Packlick has a deep technical background, having spent the first twenty years of his professional career as a programmer, architect, and manager delivering a wide variety of systems before discovering his passion for helping others achieve the potential of agile. Jay is an enterprise coach with more than a decade of experience helping leaders and teams put agile principles into practice at American Airlines, Travelocity, and Sabre Airline Solutions. With a strong belief that successful transformations require successful leaders, Jay is founder and president of the Dallas chapter of the Agile Leadership Network.

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 11:30am
Improving the Team
Forging a Path to Paradise: Replace Retrospectives with PRO-spectives

A cornerstone principle of the Agile Manifesto is periodic reflection on how to be more effective. So it's a bit ironic that retrospectives, widely practiced as a way to improve performance, are so ineffective. Teams often produce few, if any, significant improvements. Why is this? What can teams do instead to produce better results? Jay Packlick suggests that “Journey to Paradise Island” is a powerful exercise that introduces the practice of PRO-spectives―a forward-facing approach to continuous improvement that helps teams create and focus on achieving a compelling vision of their own creation. Unlike retrospectives which tend to be backward facing and reactive, producing  superficial responses to transient problems, PRO-spectives begin with the end in mind. They incorporate the goal-focused power of the Toyota Kata model of improvement. Join Jay to learn how your teams can create their own Paradise Island, discover just how far they are from it, and determine the best course to get there.