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Christin Wiedemann

Christin Wiedemann
Professional Quality Assurance, Ltd.

After finishing her PhD in physics, Christin Wiedemann started working as a software developer. When asked to test on a project, she realized she had found her true vocation. Later Christin joined the Swedish test company AddQ Consulting where she worked as a tester, test lead, and trainer, giving courses on agile testing, test design, and exploratory testing throughout Europe. Christin is a co-creator of the exploratory testing approach xBTM. In her current role as co-CEO of Professional Quality Assurance (PQA), Christin’s primary objective is achieving delivery excellence, which is closely coupled with her continuing efforts to drive PQA’s research and method development.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 4:15pm
Shaping the Future of Agile Software Development

Software development needs to continuously re-invent itself to take full advantage of new and evolving technology trends—and to keep up with user expectations. Are our agile approaches evolving as quickly as the new technologies, or are we being left behind as we use the same methods and techniques of a decade ago? Christin Wiedemann says that the future of agile development is ours to shape, and in shaping it we must be willing to question our habits and overturn today’s conventions. We must create a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Christin shares what she means by innovation and why the future of agile depends on innovation. She explores ideas around brainstorming and collaboration, and discusses the importance of having the creativity and courage to investigate new approaches. Christin says we must continuously challenge and question methods, techniques, and core beliefs. Discover new insights that can change how you view the future of agile.