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Brian Watson

Brian Watson

Brian Watson has more than eighteen years of experience in software development and ten years practicing agile. He is currently a product and agile coach, primarily focusing on agile transformation, coaching, and teaching. Brian has supported enterprise clients across multiple industries including government, insurance, utilities, consulting services, financial services, and manufacturing. Previously, he was a PMO and director of project delivery for a consulting company. Brian is a member of the Scrum Alliance, PMI, and IIBA. When not coaching, Brian enjoys golfing and drinking craft beer.

Job Title: 
Regional Director, Services
Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 10:00am
Product Definition
The Business Analyst Role on Agile Projects

Agile—a single word that sparked unprecedented confusion in the technology world. When it went agile, did your organization throw out your business analyst team? Have they banned all requirements documentation? Are teams struggling to see the big picture? Brian Watson has encountered each of these scenarios. Brian reveals the facts and busts the myths about requirements, documentation, teamwork, and the role of the business analyst in an agile environment. The relationship between the product owner and the team often develops through the activities normally associated with business analysts. Learn how this relationship grows through identifying and building a minimum viable product, see which Agile Manifesto principles are critical to business analysts, uncover the truth behind the cost of extensive documentation, determine how to use just enough documentation to be successful, and find out how to harness your business analysis skills to navigate the stormy waters of an agile transformation.