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TL Mobile App Usability and UX for Developers and Testers NEW
Philip Lew, XBOSoft
Tue, 06/09/2015 - 1:00pm

Today, many organizations are migrating to mobile while new organizations are adopting a mobile-first or mobile-only strategy. Because of the special characteristics of the mobile platform and its user base, usability and the user experience (UX) take on an increased emphasis. With SaaS-based business models, where users can pay by the month and switch applications in a heartbeat, user experience becomes paramount. Currently, there are no formal models describing UX. Philip Lew explains the definitions of usability and user experience, describes the connections between them, and explores evaluation methods you can use as the first step toward improving user experience on the mobile platform. Philip uses examples to illustrate the good, the bad, and the ugly of mobile UX to build a deeper understanding of how to improve your own app’s UX. Discover key principles for design and evaluation of usability. Develop a methodology for continuous improvement of your users’ experience.

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Concurrent Sessions

AW4 Holistic User Experience Design in an Agile Environment
Garren DiPasquale, Aduro
Wed, 06/10/2015 - 1:30pm

Garren DiPasquale says that holistic design strategy in an iterative agile environment is difficult. So how does design thinking deliver awesome applications and features for your customers? Why should your agile team care? How do you develop a macro understanding while developing micro solutions? Can you get designers and developers on the same page? As the market continues to move forward, our customers are expecting polished, delightful, and easy-to-use software. To deliver software that matches these expectations, we must adjust our product design practices to move as fast as our development counterparts. Garren introduces a model for getting designers and developers to work together―breaking problems down, and aligning both design and agile methodologies to form one cohesive team. Discover the objections designers have to agile, eliminate handoff problems, and deliver better software with a practical design framework that can be implemented on agile teams large and small.

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K3 Lean UX: Turn User Experience Design Inside Out
Jeff Patton, Jeff Patton & Associates
Thu, 06/11/2015 - 8:30am

It’s usually the finer points of the user experience (UX) design that separate good-enough software from really-great software. For companies launching new products or adding new capabilities, how well they understand their users and their needs differentiates the wild successes from the dismal failures. This is user experience design, and doing it well in the past took experienced specialists and lots of time. But the world has changed. Jeff Patton describes how Lean UX turns product design into a team sport in which everyone participates. Learn how Lean UX thinking breaks what we thought were good design rules. In Lean UX design, it’s OK to guess. It's OK for developers to talk to users. It’s OK for bad artists to design user interfaces. And, it’s OK to demonstrate half-baked ideas. You’d think that if we break all these rules, good user experience couldn’t possibly result—but it does. Jeff shares examples of how all this rule breaking is supported by a culture of experimentation and learning—and that makes all the difference.

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