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Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Product Definition

User Stories: From Fuzzy to Razor Sharp Prior Year Content

User stories are the basis for products built using agile development. User stories are relatively short, comprised of enough information to start the development process, and designed to initiate further conversation about details. Short doesn’t necessarily mean useful. Ambiguous stories are “mysteries wrapped in an enigma”—potentially leading us to develop the wrong product. Phil Ricci explores ways to turn fuzzy user stories into sharply focused stories from their inception. That involves addressing questions of Are we talking with the right people? and Are we asking the right questions? Phil shares a four-step process—Review Description, Clarify User Role, Check for Discrepancies, Critically Review Acceptance Criteria—that sharpens the stories. Setting up a story maintenance schedule sponsored by the Product Owner with guidance from the ScrumMaster ensures that stories remain useful throughout their lifetime.

Phil Ricci
Phil Ricci, Agile-Now

Phil Ricci heads up Agile-Now, a recently formed consulting firm specializing in deep dive, total immersion agile experiences for small to medium teams. An agile and project management practitioner for more than fifteen years, Phil has implemented a variety of flavors of agile technology across software, education, training, and product development. He has developed full training curriculum for companies preparing to make the transition to the agile world. Phil holds a PMI-ACP, CSP, and CSM.

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