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Joel Tosi


“Less talk, more rock” are words Joel Tosi likes to live by. Instead of telling teams what to do, he prefers to pair with organizations and teams to create meaningful products. Whether working with product owners on product learning, testing teams trying to balance automation, or developers and operations teams interested in continuous delivery, Joel enjoys rolling up his sleeves to work with the teams. Sharing his experiences as a coach, architect, developer, and manager, he is a hands-on collaborator and community builder. A consultant with DevJam, Joel brings this perspective and an understanding of the social aspects of software to help facilitate team and product growth. Joel infrequently blogs at and tweets @joeltosi.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 2:15pm
Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
Improve Continuous Delivery through Continuous Questioning

Adopting continuous delivery can yield a substantial competitive advantage. However, if we turn off our brains and just perform the process without thinking, we won’t realize all of its benefits. Continuous delivery creates challenges―What to automate and how to deliver safely without risking breaks across teams, operations, and customers? How fast can we deliver versus how fast should we deliver? Joel Tosi describes how to investigate your current delivery process by asking: Are we doing the right thing? How do we know? Why are we investing here?  Are we learning?  Instead of rushing to automate and virtualize, Joel wants you to first question what could go wrong. What is causing us the most difficulty and how can we alleviate that pressure? Leave this session with skills and questions you can use to investigate a meaningful improvement of your delivery process—on your first day back at work.