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Jared Richardson

Agile Artisans

Principal consultant and a member of the core team at Agile Artisans, Jared Richardson works with other software craftsmen to build excellent custom software. He sold his first software program in 1991 and has been immersed in software ever since. Jared has authored and coauthored a number of books, including the best selling Ship It! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects and Career 2.0: Take Control of Your Life. He is a frequent speaker at software conferences and a thought leader in agile. Jared lives with his wife and children in North Carolina where they recently, quite by accident, became backyard chicken farmers. He's on the web at

Speaker Presentations
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 3:45pm
Scaling Agile
SAFe: The Scaled Agile Framework

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a popular process for enterprise-wide agile adoption. It is a pre-built framework that describes the individual roles, teams, activities, and artifacts necessary to scale agile from team to enterprise level while providing a cadence for teams to follow. Jared Richardson, an agile coach at a large insurance company in the midst of a SAFe adoption, brings practical lessons from that work to this session. After an overview of the SAFe framework, Jared describes how the work flows from executives to team members, and then relates that workflow to other agile processes. Learn SAFe anti-patterns and a cautionary message for anyone looking for the silver bullet solution to software challenges. Jared discusses the areas you’ll want to change or monitor to ensure your own efforts succeed. Leave with an understanding of SAFe and an awareness of potential problems—so you can avoid them.