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Andrew Phillips


An early believer in Java’s ability to deliver enterprise-grade software, Andrew Phillips quickly focused on the development of high-throughput, resilient, and scalable Java EE applications. After working on concurrency and high performance development for a succession of multinationals, Andrew joined agile specialists Xebia and is now VP Products for XebiaLabs, providers of the industry-leading release automation solution, Deployit. A cloud, service delivery, and automation expert, Andrew has been part of the shift to more automated application delivery platforms. He likes to stay up-to-date with technical reality by contributing to cutting-edge projects, including Multiverse, the STM implementation behind Akka; and jclouds, the leading Java cloud library.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 12:45pm
Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
Preparing for Enterprise Continuous Delivery: Five Critical Steps

The ability to quickly and reliably deliver new, high-quality features to customers has become a standard business requirement across industries. Development, IT, and DevOps organizations are looking to Continuous Delivery (CD) to meet this need. However, introducing CD into an existing enterprise poses a number of challenges. The vision and principles of CD are well known and articulated, but practical guidance and concrete recommendations based on actual experience are difficult to find. Andrew Phillips shares five important prerequisites and recommendations for enterprise CD implementations, including complete delivery artifacts, scalable capacity, “side effect” overview, integration with release control, and more. Leave with a number of practical action items—such as a pipeline stage checklist and automation catalog—for your own preparation and implementation. Take back ideas to help you build your own CD Maturity Model to track and measure your implementation’s success.