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Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 2:15pm - 3:30pm
Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership and Culture

According to recent studies, CEOs want more open and collaborative organizational cultures in which employees are empowered, connected, and learning. However this remains out of reach for most. Cultural inertia—in the form of policies, procedures, and hierarchical reporting structures—is the most significant barrier to increased agile adoption. More than 50 percent of organizations are unsuccessful in embedding, growing, and sustaining real agility. Pete Behrens explains how identifying organizational values and classifying organizational cultures can guide leaders in becoming more agile. Through three case studies of different organizational cultures, Pete explores how leaders in each organization aligned its culture toward agility to drive sustained organizational success. He demonstrates the agile leadership competencies required to develop more open and collaborative cultures to improve organizational success in a rapidly changing world. Begin your efforts toward sustained organizational agility by learning how to visualize organizational culture, align the organization, and lead it through change that sticks.

Pete Behrens, Trail Ridge Consulting

Leadership and organizational agility coach Pete Behrens has been guiding enterprise agile transformations for more than thirteen years. Through his unique "inside-out" approach to agile transformation, Pete guides organizational leaders in assessing, integrating, and transforming their organizations through agile leadership maturity, cultural alignment, and organizational agility. His work has been instrumental in successful agile transformations at, GE Healthcare, and McKinsey & Company IT.

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