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Michael Hannan

Fortezza Consulting

The founder and principal consultant at Fortezza Consulting, Michael Hannan helps organizations achieve breakthrough improvements in their IT project portfolios. Mike has twenty-five years of experience as a consulting executive, IT project portfolio manager, and software engineer. He began his career at NASA, supporting large, complex initiatives such as high-performance computing and communications program. In a Big 4 consulting firm, Mike formed the first enterprise Java practice focused exclusively on serving public-sector clients and grew it into the company’s largest and most profitable project portfolio. Recently, Mike has focused on innovating high-powered techniques to dramatically improve IT project portfolio performance.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 3:00pm
Agile Methods
Breakthrough Portfolio Performance: Managing a Mix of Agile and Non-Agile Projects

Agile has delivered impressive performance improvements at the project level, and some attempts to scale agile’s success to the IT project portfolio have also demonstrated good results. However, agile is not for all IT projects nor all project teams. Sometimes other approaches may be more appropriate. Can disparate approaches co-exist harmoniously in the same project portfolio? Can portfolio managers apply a flexible, “best-tool-for-the-job” approach, while simultaneously driving portfolio-wide adoption of disciplined, hyperproductive techniques? Michael Hannan describes a set of integrated techniques that drive breakthrough performances in IT portfolios comprised of both agile and non-agile projects. These proven techniques and approaches can triple the portfolio’s project completions and double the projects delivered reliably. Specifically, Mike discusses optimal buffer-management methods at both the project and portfolio level, optimal resource sharing methods across agile and non-agile teams, and how to achieve the “common denominators” of focused execution and aggregated risk across the portfolio.