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Leigh Ishikawa


With a career spanning more than two decades in various roles, Leigh Ishikawa facilitates change in how organizations view testing by establishing test frameworks and processes, and educating and building teams across multiple continents. In the past decade, Leigh has focused on building test cultures inside high velocity engineering teams. After spending a year and half creating test frameworks and coaching engineers on testing, Leigh is currently a developer on TripAdvisor’s mobile team.

Speaker Presentations
Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 10:00am
Agile Test & QA
Establishing an Agile Testing Culture

Many resources describe how to accelerate performance of your development organization through adoption of agile methodologies, but very few cover testing in a practical manner. And those that do generally focus on technical details, leaving out how to build an agile testing culture while facing numerous adoption challenges. Leigh Ishikawa describes how an organization needs to rethink testing in the agile world. He begins by taking a holistic look at how different groups combine in an agile testing culture. Then Leigh dives into key components including messaging, concepts, metrics, and tools that can be implemented across different groups; how they are integral to one another; how various data from metrics across different teams should be interpreted; and what actions should be taken. Through real world examples from various companies, Leigh takes you through lessons he learned—from both success and failure.