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Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 4:15pm - 5:15pm
Enterprise Agile

A Very Large Enterprise Agile Transformation: Lessons Learned at Salesforce

When the agile consultants leave, how do you ensure that the enterprise agile transformation sticks, evolves, and grows throughout the organization? What challenges will you face? What support must be in place to address the challenges? Like software products, the real cost of an agile transformation occurs after the initial rollout. has sustained an enterprise agile transformation for more than seven years. Mike Register shares the major challenges Salesforce faced and how they addressed them―challenges that include scaling coaching within a very large enterprise (230 teams and growing rapidly) and effectively emphasizing the foundation principles behind the practices. Mike describes what has worked and not worked during their agile journey. He enumerates the primary support structures that need to be in place to support long term enterprise agile transformation. Mike also explores the cultural and leadership aspects necessary to support large scale agile adoption that sticks.

Mike Register,

As an agile coach and trainer at, Mike Register continues his twenty-five year journey to help organizations deliver the highest quality software continuously to market in a business environment that is constantly adapting. For more than ten years, Mike has led and coached agile teams and organizations—from the very small to the very large. Prior to joining Salesforce, he launched and guided agile transformations at multiple companies in the healthcare and finance industries.

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