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Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Enterprise Agile

Agility at Scale: WebSphere’s Agile Transformation

In today's rapidly changing environment, organizations—both large and small—must quickly respond to shifting market requirements to remain competitive. To be successful, many are adopting agile development and continuous delivery methodologies to deliver software quickly, while keeping the quality and maintainability high. Several years ago the WebSphere Application Server development teams embarked on the journey from traditional waterfall development to agile. They are now expanding to use both agile and continuous delivery methodologies across their organization worldwide. Susan Hanson shares the challenges of working with a worldwide team across multiple time zones while shifting away from component-based teams. Learn how the team transformed their development processes, tools, and culture to better adapt to changing requirements. See how, by integrating tools, the team is able to have a complete lifecycle from customer-submitted requirements through planning, development, test, and delivery of these requirements back to the customers, allowing for continuous delivery of cloud-based services.

Susan Hanson, IBM Software Group

Susan Hanson has twenty-five years of experience in developing and delivering IBM software products across the WebSphere and Tivoli brands. Susan has held various positions spanning testing, development, release management, and people management. Currently the process architect for the WebSphere Application Server team, she is responsible for development transformation, including processes and tooling. Susan was part of the transformation team as the product embraced agile technologies.

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