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Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 2:15pm - 3:30pm
The Agile Enterprise

Transforming to Enterprise Agility: A Leadership Practicum

The pace of innovation, often hastened by agile software development, has begun to pull entire organizations into the desire and need for more agility. Phillip Cave shares his experiences transforming organizational behavior at the department and enterprise level. He describes the data, tools, approaches, and practices he has used to help leaders and organizations reach higher levels of agility. Going further, Phillip explores the leadership skills needed at all levels of the organization to achieve lasting change. Phillip also shares experiences of when his efforts have not been effective and the lessons he’s learned from these circumstances and environments. Learn why every leader should pay attention to organizational effectiveness and how the culture in an organization can suppress new ideas without considering their value. No matter what level you are in your organization, you will take back new approaches to be a better, more successful change agent.

Phillip Cave , SolutionsIQ

Passionate about getting products and services shipped, Phillip Cave might be called a “process expert” person. In reality, he is a “get the damn thing shipped already, and it better work and be what the customer wants” person. In his early software engineer days, Phillip hated development models that did not allow him to experiment and forced him to think of and document everything possible at the beginning of the delivery process.

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