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Andy Kaufman

Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development, Inc.

Andy Kaufman works worldwide with people who are struggling with how to lead teams and deliver projects. Andy helps professionals get focused, take action, and deliver results. His keynotes, workshops, and executive coaching services have reached tens of thousands of people from hundreds of companies, helping them deliver their projects, become more confident leaders, and achieve the results they desire while maintaining a balanced life. Andy authored Navigating the Winds of Change: Staying on Course in Business & in Life, Shining the Light on The Secret, and the e-book, How to Organize Your Inbox & Get Rid of E-Mail Clutter. He is the host of The People and Projects Podcast. Learn more about Andy at

Speaker Presentations
Monday, June 3, 2013 - 8:30am
Full-day Tutorials
The Leadership Tutorial: Improving Your Ability to Stand and Deliver

In this highly interactive tutorial, Andy Kaufman helps you wrestle with real-world leadership issues we all face—influencing without authority, motivating your team, and dealing with conflict. Explore the difference between leadership and management—and why it matters—and get a clear picture of a leader’s responsibilities, including the balance between short- and long-term focus and the need to deliver results while developing organizational capability.