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Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 2:15pm - 3:30pm
Projects & Teams

Gamification to Solve Real-World Challenges

What can we learn from Angry Birds, which has been downloaded more than one billion times? What makes games engaging and fun? What is the secret that motivates players to mastery, even when they fail 80 percent of the time? What if we could reverse-engineer the principles behind a well-designed game and graft them to a real-life business challenge? Based on psychology, design, strategy, and technology, gamification is an emerging and exciting concept. Ram Srinivasan describes the principles behind player engagement, social connectivity, and self-motivation to mastery. A well-defined gamification framework translates these principles to business contexts to maximize engagement, increase collaboration, and create positive behavioral changes. Organizations including Microsoft, Nike, LinkedIn, and Salesforce have benefited from this approach. Ram identifies some of the challenges when applying gamification inside an organization and explores the legal and ethical issues surrounding gamification. Get in the game with new ideas and approaches for solving your team and project challenges.

Ram Srinivasan, inRhythm

Agile coach Ram Srinivasan is a transformation catalyst who is passionate about people, process, and product. As a coach, Ram’s primary focus is on organizational agile transformation, executive and leadership coaching, and creating high performance teams. He trains his clients on Scrum, XP, and lean kanban.

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