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Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 8:30am - 12:00pm
Half-day Tutorials

User Stories: Across the Seven Product Dimensions

User stories are a powerful technique agile teams used to communicate requirements. Yet all too often, the stories are poorly written or even incomprehensible. Some stories are too big and overlap across delivery cycles. Others are too small and don’t deliver sufficient details for developers. Join Paul Reed to learn the Seven Product Dimensions—the 7 D’s—which yield “just right” stories that users and product owners can write and developers can understand. Explore and experience the Seven Dimensions: user, interface, action, data, control, quality, and environment. Learn to identify options for high value business and user needs, and then assemble them into cohesive user stories. As you slice the options, you’ll see ways to leverage analysis models to quickly visualize and discuss options. Practice employing structured conversations about user stories to engage customers while taking business and technology perspectives into consideration. Find out how to establish acceptance criteria based on the value considerations to make your stories more valuable. Leave with a practical framework for writing “just right” stories.