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Industry Technical Presentations

Wednesday, June 5, 10:15am–11:15am


The Value of Value: Secret Sauce for Agile Projects
David Wylie, Solutions IQ

  • Why value is rarely estimated as rigorously as effort
  • Techniques for value estimation and allocation
  • Using value for prioritization, team alignment, and portfolio management

You Can’t Do Agile without Service Virtualization
Wayne Ariola, Parasoft

  • In agile and iterative development environments, schedule overruns or last-minute “feature creep” commonly results in a significant shortchanging of software testing.
  • Considering the complexity of today’s modern systems, this approach falls considerably short of the breadth and depth of testing required to ensure that each iteration is truly “done.”
  • Service virtualization—with its simulated test environments that remove dependencies on missing or evolving system components—gives organizations the power to incrementally test earlier, faster, and more completely

Wednesday, June 5, 2:15pm–3:15pm


Developer–QA Synchronization: How to Help Your QA Be More Effective
Vitaliy Istomov, Jamo Solutions

  • Best practices of QA-compatible UI development
  • Why should developers care about QA?
  • Benefits of objects-based automation in Java/C#/VB

Test Automation in Agile Environments
Siva Sundararaman, Tricentis USA

  • Achieve rapid automation
  • Manage effective testing with ever-changing requirements backlogs
  • Optimize test execution while preserving quality

Wednesday, June 5, 3:45pm–4:45pm


Agile Testing for ERP Implementation
Sathish Rajamani, Cognizant

  • Share our experience in agile implementation and testing methodology for an ERP implementation
  • Gather insights on distributed agile testing best practices, tools, and methods for an ERP program
  • Learn key agile QA metrics that really matter for project success

Enterprise Agile Requirements
Tony Higgins, Blueprint Software Systems, Inc.

  • Learn why traditional business functions clash with new agile development approaches
  • Learn the critical role that requirements still play on enterprise agile projects
  • Learn a practical approach for defining and managing enterprise agile requirements