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Visual Studio® 2011 Testing
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 Using Visual Studio® 2011 Ultimate to Improve Software Quality
 Sunday, October 2—Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

In the Using Visual Studio® 2011 Ultimate to Improve Software Quality Training course you will:

  • Explore the testing components of Visual Studio® 2011 and how these are used to improve software quality
  • Understand integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and how Visual Studio® 2011 aids the ALM process
  • Understand the work management tools available in Visual Studio® 2011
  • Explore the tester's and test manager’s tasks in Visual Studio® 2011
  • Create test plans and define configurations for testing
  • Write and maintain test cases
  • Execute tests, and collect video captures and system information for filing rich bugs
  • Discover the purpose and value of a virtual lab environment




About the Speaker: 

Anna Russo is a development process consultant with Notion Solutions, Inc., a consulting services firm specializing in helping companies improve software development processes through the use of Visual Studio Team System. Anna is responsible for helping customers improve their software processes by implementing Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System tools in a manner suitable for their organization. Since joining Notion Solutions, Anna has worked with a variety of clients to create custom software processes, implement release strategies, automate build scripts, and improve development practices. Prior to joining Notion Solutions, Anna specialized in software quality assurance and business analysis.
Get Practical Experience with Visual Studio® 2011 Testing at STARWEST 2011!
The Tester Training course provides students with the knowledge and skills to use the latest testing tools provided by Visual Studio® 2011 to improve their software quality. Test case creation and management will be covered, as well as test execution and automation practices. Creating and managing virtual lab environments using Visual Studio Lab Management 2011 will be discussed within the context of test planning and execution. By the end of the course, students are equipped to begin planning the implementation of Visual Studio® 2011 for improving testing practices within their organizations.
Hands-on Experience with Visual Studio® 2011 Testing Tools
This course provides hands-on experience with the detailed Visual Studio® 2011 testing functions and new features including: work item tracking, version control, automated tests, Microsoft Test Manager 2011, and automated builds.

Build your week of learning to include Using Visual Studio® 2011 Ultimate to Improve Software Quality Training and benefit from all STARWEST has to offer. Plus—if you stay through Friday, you can attend the new Testing & Quality Leadership Summit. Stay for three days or maximize your experience by attending the conference while you're in Anaheim. See the week's schedule below. Can’t attend the conference but want to attend this training? Click here to be redirected.

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