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What Our Delegates are Saying
“Love it. Great opportunity to get such a wide range of education about testing. Will be back next year!”
Steven T. Vath, Lead SQA Analyst 
“This is the best conference I’ve been to in four years of testing – it has renewed my enthusiasm and passion for the field.”
STAREAST 2008 Delegate
“My first STAR conference and it was fabulous. Wonderful to get fresh and new perspective on topics and really refreshed my attitude and confidence in my own career.”
Jen Tritch, Software Quality Analyst
“Excellent learning experience. Get the latest developments in a comfortable environment in one of the most pleasant locations in the world. Overall, a great experience.”
Jan J. Nathan, Text CAT Leader
“The conference was very helpful to my job. I’m a first time attendee. I will plan to return each year. The conference motivates me to apply what I’ve learned.”
STAREAST 2008 Delegate
“Good variety of topics- I like that the sessions are arranged into tracks.”
Wanda Mies, Technology Manager
“It’s worth coming back year after year. The topics/classes do not repeat.”
Penny Ploski, SWT Manager
“A lot of really great information packed into a few days. Great use of humor and comparison to other fields/industries to software testing. My first conference, I will definitely come again if I am able. Also hope other testers from my company can attend. Thanks!”
STAREAST 2008 Delegate
“1/2 day sessions- long enough to be very informative, but also allows for multiple in depth topics.”
Tim Sercue, QA Manager
“Variety of speakers – some with very different viewpoints. Great that it’s not homogenized to one view. Amazing breadth of coverage – thanks!! By the way, SQE ROCKS!!”
Jim Peak, Tester
“Connections with other people who do this thing we do, who are smart and passionate, and the realization that not only am I not alone, I’m part of a very thoughtful and curious group.”
Danny Vinson, Software QA Manager
“So many choices!! Loved that I can learn so much about things I don’t currently do on my job. Like Lee said, if you don’t do it, who will? Wonderful event! I loved it.”
Lynn Rossell, Software Test Engineer
“STAR was amazing and I think it covers the whole spectrum from novice to advanced users.”
David Denham, QA Engineer
“Rejuvenated my interest in my career.”
Melissa Cox, Group Manager
"Great Experience! I have gained a wealth of knowledge to bring back with me and share with test and project team."
Benjamin Justick, Test Analyst
State Farm Insurance
"Fantastic conference. The quality and knowledge of the speakers is unmatched. I definitely plan to attend again."
Gary Greenberg
GE Healthcare

"As a tester I loved being able to talk to other testers because we seldom get the opportunity to do so. I've met some wonderful people here and many I'll stay in contact with. Great conference, wish I could come every year. This was an awesome experience."
Wendy Hebert, QA Analyst
Equifax Inc.


"This was my first STAR Conference and it was a great experience. The conference was well organized and gave me the opportunity to meet and network with industry experts."
Shabnam Vardehoghli, QA Manager
RBC Financial Group

"The spirit of personal and professional growth, along with the openness to participation and collaboration hooked me on this conference!"
Marisa Seal, SQA Tester
Ed Financial

"This is my second year and I think it was better than last year. Great conference to attend I would highly recommend to those into testing software."
David Horger, Manager
Automated Financial Systems

"Gave me a much better sense of the people, skills and practices in this software testing industry"
Dr. James H. Andrews
University of Western Ontario
"Excellent cross-section of test and QA community."
Annee Riley, Test Director
Electric Data Systems
"Excellent conference.  Gives real insight into the mind of a tester. Some of the best speakers in the industry."
Derek del Carpio, Developer
TelaDoc, Inc.

"It was refreshing to hear about the experiences of people actually doing the work- their successes and failures- in a forum that encouraged that participation."
Maire McCarthy, Senior Business Analyst
Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield


"I've received an overwhelming amount of tools, training and resources to succeed in my job performance as improving our quality.  I’m looking forward to what is offered next year. Thank You."
Dustie Alm
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

"I will recommend this conference to anyone who will listen. It's been a great experience."
Harry Vannell, Sr. Software Engineer
Pangia Technologies LLC
"I was very impressed with the conference as a whole! I learned a lot and enjoyed myself in the process. It was extremely interesting to hear the perspectives from others in the industry."
Laura Kirsten Sterkel, Quality Assurance Analyst
Progressive Insurance
"I thought the conference had tremendous value. I went to learn about the software testing market and was suitably impressed with the level of activity. I thought the material presented was high quality. There was a nice blend of vendors from various sectors of the market. I will highly recommend STAR conferences to others."
Steve Mackie, Account Manager for Enterprise IT Risk Management
Wyle Laboratories
"I very much enjoyed the conference and was able to take pieces from the different sessions that I attended and immediately apply some of them to my current projects."
Chris Busby, Sr. QA Analyst
Devon Energy Corp
"I really enjoyed the conference. I gained a lot of industry knowledge and look forward to coming back."
Mike Persi, IT-SQA Supervisor
Mercury Insurance Group
"Overall, I think I was able to learn a great deal here. The exposure to new schools of thought from fellow professionals in the field sparked off a lot of ideas that I can apply personally and use to enhance our department’s quality assurance efforts."
Jamie Nichols, QA Analyst
"Great conference. This has re-energized and motivated me to tackle some tough issues."
Mike Enloe, Client Side Infrastructure Tech Manager


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