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Tips to Convince your Boss

Need help convincing your manager? Here are some useful tips:

  1. PLAN AHEAD. Comb through the brochure ahead of time and highlight the specific classes that appeal to you and that address specific pain points your project or team is currently experiencing.

  2. SHARE. Offer to take your new knowledge back to the office and hold a training session for your co-workers. Plan to keep a list at the conference of ideas you want to implement when returning to the office. Type them up and email them to your manager and co-workers.

  3. SAVE BIG. Approach your manager early to gain approval and receive great discounts! Save up to $600 dollars per person with --Early Bird pricing, alumni savings, group discounts, Bring a Manager, PowerPass discounts, and more!

  4. WORK IT! Let your manager know that you plan on taking advantage of the myriad of networking opportunities—There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel; so make sure you learn from others in both formal and informal ways: an evening reception, speaker book signings, Meet the Speakers at lunch, Bonus Sessions and more!

  5. FOCUS ON THE BENEFITS. Strrrretch that dollar! Tell your manager you’re going to learn how to do more with less-including ways to control costs and increase revenue while still bringing a quality product to market.

  6. SOLUTIONS. Share with your manager that you plan on attending one of the largest testing EXPO’s in the world at STAREAST 2009! Meet with tool and service vendors, watch demos and find exactly the right solutions.

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