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STAR Testing and Quality Leadership Summit



The Testing & Quality Leadership Summit - Getting a Fresh Perspective 
May 8, 2009

With the challenges that many companies face in 2009, managing testing and quality is not enough. We need leaders—software executives, test managers, IT directors, CIOs—to find innovative ways to improve quality while, at the same time, keeping costs in check. The Testing & Quality Leadership Summit is a new opportunity for software managers and executives to share ideas and gain new perspectives on today’s software testing issues.

Join senior leaders from the industry—Joachim Herschmann, Director of Product Management at Borland Software; Jeffery Payne, CEO at Coveros; Marc René, business director of MetLife Auto and Home; Michael Sowers, Senior Vice President at Fidelity Investments;  James Whittaker, Software Architect at Microsoft; and others—who have embraced change and are helping their organizations navigate through these turbulent times.

The Software Testing & Quality Leadership Summit provides the perfect opportunity for you to:
• Meet and network with your peers
• Join in a "think tank" discussion on test leadership issues
• Participate in insightful and informative sessions focusing on testing and quality solutions
• Interact in a panel discussion where senior test experts weigh in on your biggest challenges

Who Should Attend?
Testing, software, and IT leaders who are looking for innovative ways to lead their organizations toward better software quality and improved testing productivity. Whether you are experienced in managing software testing and QA or new to the field, the Testing & Quality Leadership Summit offers you a unique opportunity to start or to continue your work toward being a great test leader


STAR Testing and Quality Leadership Summit Sessions

Testing & Leadership Summit Sessions for Friday, May 8, 2009


Developing Jedi-level Test Talent: Practical Advice for Leaders
James Whittaker, Software Architect, Microsoft

A major concern for many software organizations is how to get the best performance from their testers and test groups. While finding, developing, and keeping talented and motivated testers is a challenge most anywhere, it’s even harder to build and sustain a team of high-powered, Jedi-level testers. Finding good people is only the first step. You must coach, mentor, mold, and finally “free” testers and test teams to become the best they can be. Throughout his university and consulting days and now at Microsoft, James Whittaker has made a career of discovering, developing, and inspiring great test talent. James shares his experiences and approaches for identifying and developing  passionate, knowledgeable, and hyper-productive testers and test teams. He discusses the ever-challenging issues surrounding tester-developer relationships and explores ways to quantify tester effectiveness. In this provocative and inspiring session, James challenges you to transform from merely a manager of testers to the inspiring leader it takes to cultivate your team of Jedi-level testers.

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Maximizing the Value of Testing to the Business
Marc René, Director, Billing Strategy, Business Architecture and Sourcing, MetLife Auto and Home
Although testers and the test organization ultimately work for “the business,” they do not always know what the business values most. Success in testing is not just finding all the important defects. Rather, it means satisfying your business partners’ needs and helping them achieve their goals and objectives. Based on his experiences on both the testing and the business sides of software development, Marc René shares three key things he has learned that the business wants and needs from testing and testers—professional expertise, information that is valuable to the business, and a balance of technical and domain knowledge. Explore ways to develop professionalism in your test organization and instill product ownership in your testers. Learn the kinds of data and metrics the business values and how to interpret their findings in light of the business impact and present information the way that business needs to hear it. Help your test organization achieve the right balance of testing skills, technical expertise, and domain knowledge to become the best it can be.  
Learn more about Marc René  

The ROI of Testing and Quality: A Business Executive’s View
Jeffery Payne, CEO, Coveros, Inc.
In this time of economic turmoil, it is more important than ever to justify—and even “sell”—the expenditures you need to achieve the quality goals for your software projects. Delivering a high return on investment is critical for your software test organization to succeed. Jeff Payne addresses why most quality organizations don't get the budget and resources they need, how to position “quality” to the business, and how to measure the return on investment for high quality software. Jeffery discusses how to best approach executive management to gain funding approval for quality and testing initiatives. In this interactive session, participants will work together in small teams to develop innovative ways for QA and testing to do more with less and demonstrate an objective, measurable ROI. Each team will present their ideas and suggestions to the group for further evaluation and synthesis. Take back a new perspective on testing, quality, and the business.
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Test Automation: Facts and Fiction for Executives and Managers
Michael D. Sowers, Sr. VP, Fidelity Investments
As senior leaders and managers, we are charged with finding effective ways not only to uncover defects but, more importantly, to help prevent them in the first place. In their efforts to meet these objectives, many organizations accumulate an overflowing warehouse full of test tools that, in most cases, have partly or completely failed to meet the goals set for them. The reality is that both test teams and entire development groups struggle to make test automation a success—and some have completely abandoned hope. Mike Sowers outlines the common challenges of automating testing and discusses the key principals and requirements for the ideal test automation architecture. He examines the roles necessary for test automation and your critical role as the leader. Explore with Mike how to prepare for a major test automation project and justify the investment in people and resources you need to truly succeed. Learn what it takes to sustain automation and make it an integral part of software testing and development. With the right approach, you can position test automation as a key initiative with your business partners—even as test automation competes with many other investment choices.
Learn more about Michael D. Sowers  

The Future of Testing - How Testing and Technology Will Change
Joachim Herschmann, Director of Product Management, Borland Software
During these challenging economic times and in coming years, test and quality professionals—and development organizations as a whole—will be under ever-increasing pressure to test better and test faster. In the face of rapid technology changes, vastly more complex systems, globalization, and new regulatory burdens, changes in the way we test—and develop—software are critical. Deeply embedded software, SOA, mobile devices, cloud computing, and technologies of which we aren’t even aware affect testing and often make it more difficult. And dynamically interacting systems that continuously morph themselves make it almost impossible to know what we are even testing. While new approaches like agile and lean development are rapidly gaining popularity, they pose new challenges and opportunities for software quality. Join Joachim Herschmann and delve into these and other emerging trends that impact testing. Explore the ways that these powerful forces will result in burgeoning new test technologies and require software leaders to change the way they think about the quality professional role, test technologies and processes. Joachim shares Borland’s experience as it undergoes massive changes in its development methodologies and test technologies to prepare them for the inevitable.
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