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STAREAST 2009 Conference Podcasts

2009 Coming Soon! Listen to our STAREAST 2008 Podcasts below.

STAREAST 2008 Conference Podcast: Bart Mediratta and Antoine Picard

Date April  22, 2008
Featured Speakers Bart Mediratta and Antoine Picard

Bart Mediratta and Antoine Picard’s STARWEST 2007 keynote, “Testing on the Toilet: Revolutionizing Developer Testing at Google,” was so popular that we’re bringing them back to present at STAREAST 2008. In this podcast, they talk about how Testing on the Toilet has changed since STARWEST and what you can expect to learn by attending their STAREAST keynote.
Length (6.5 MB, 7:03min.)

STAREAST 2008 Conference Podcast: John Fodeh  

Date April  9, 2008
Featured Speakers John Fodeh

John Fodeh speaks about his keynote, “Ready to Ship?” in which he will describe a set of helpful metrics and conduct a role-playing exercise in which audience members will examine a set of metrics and decide whether the given system is ready to ship.
Length (4 MB, 4:21min.)

STAREAST 2008 Conference Podcast: James Whittaker

Date April  7, 2008
Featured Speakers James Whittaker

In James Whittaker’s STAREAST 2008 keynote, “Testing Dialogues—In the Executive Suite,” he’ll talk about why he believes the software development ecosystem is sick. In this podcast, he discusses just a few of the reasons.
Length (3.6 MB, 3:54min.)

STAREAST 2008 Conference Podcast: John Engle

Date April 1, 2008
Featured Speakers John Engle

Though the STAREAST program covers a vast number of software testing topics, there is no way to touch on everything. That’s where Open Space comes in. It’s a place where you set the agenda. Whether it’s discussing something more in depth or examining a topic that’s not on the program, Open Space is the place to convene.  It’s like an extended coffee break with a tad of structure— a gathering place for you, your ideas, and your colleagues.
Length (1:07min.)

STAREAST 2008 Conference Podcast: Tom Wissink

Date March  14, 2008
Featured Speakers Tom Wissink

In this podcast, Tom Wissink talks about his STAREAST 2008 keynote presentation, “Transforming Your Test Culture: One Step at a Time,” in which he will discuss how the value of testing has been misunderstood by many in senior management over the years and the steps organizations can take to change a culture of misunderstanding into a culture of appreciation, satisfaction, and excitement.
Length (5.2 MB, 5:39min.)

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