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Lean-Agile Scrum Master Training
New Co-Located Event

Scrum Master Training
Sunday, November 8 – Tuesday, November 10  •  8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

In the Lean-Agile Scrum Master course you will:
Learn, experience, and practice the Scrum Master approach to managing development
Apply lean-agile principles to software development projects
Build a cohesive agile team to deliver high-quality software more quickly
Plan and execute small development iterations and internal releases
Respond to emerging requirements and competitive pressures
Practice Scrum leadership within a simulated project



About the Speaker:

    Guy Beaver is a change leader and technology executive with a track record of success in lean-agile implementations in large, mid-sized, and start-up organizations. He is a recognized expert in lean, agile, and Scrum technical development with a proven ability to lead, manage, and motivate organizations to realize significant productivity and quality improvements. As a senior consultant and coach, he facilitates enterprise clients in successfully transitioning to lean-agile practices and methodologies with business-focused strategies and implementation expertise.
Conveniently co-located with the Agile Development Practices conference. Register for the three day Lean-Agile Scrum Master Training for $1,995 or combine this training with your conference registration and SAVE an additional $500. Call Anita at 888.268.8770 or 904.278.0524 ext: 230 or email [email protected] for more information.

Eliminate Barriers to Development Success
Scrum is an agile development method for product development that removes barriers between your customers and the development team. Using the Scrum approach, your organization will more easily meet market and customer needs while attaining its ROI objectives for your project. As a trained Scrum Master, you will help improve the quality of life and productivity for all members of your team.

Empower Your Team
Lean-agile principles empower a development team to learn as they go and eliminate waste while making decisions as late as possible. By following lean-agile practices, your team will deliver high-quality, working software as fast as possible.

Learn by Doing
Learning how to be an effective Scrum Master requires certain skills, many of which are only learned by doing. Experience an actual Scrum project during the course. Participants live the life of a Scrum Master as they interact with team members, peers, and management.

Who Should Attend
This course is appropriate for project managers, team leaders, development managers, analysts, QA staff, and anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of Scrum team management and lean-agile practices. Because of the experiential learning nature of this course, it is appropriate for all members of your development teams.



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